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The ultimate expression of property management

RentalPro provides you with all the tools to start your own business in the short-term rental industry and take it to the next level.

International brand

Our partners enjoy the reliability and reputation of a Swiss company working on an international scale with hundreds of properties under management.


You can choose how you work on your own schedule and in your own way. We won't tie you to a specific channel manager, and you don't have to have a physical office.


We provide you with the best training on the market to turn you into a professional and outperform the competition even if you have no experience.

Legal Support

You will have access to partnerships and facilities for starting your business and legal, tax and bureaucratic support throughout your journey.

Marketing Materials

We have created all the marketing materials you need for you: business cards, flyers, presentations, letterhead and more.

Simple acquisition

You will receive, directly to your inbox, contact information for property owners looking for Property Managers in your area.

Save on platforms

RentalPro provides you with a commission-free portal, promoted within all of our facilities. You will save up to 15% on bookings.

Top-notch hospitality

We have a reputation for treating our guests well. The quality of all our partners is regularly checked to ensure you get a leg up.

Community of professionals

You will come face to face with other entrepreneurs who are following the same path as you, to compare notes and create fruitful partnerships.

Our partners

Why short rentals

The short-term rental sector is growing steadily and represents the future of the housing market.

High earning potential: Short-term rentals can be highly profitable, especially if managed efficiently and professionally.
Flexibility: You have the ability to run your business according to your personal and professional needs.
Ability to diversify income: Earn money from multiple properties instead of depending on one source of income.
Ability to scale-up: with RentalPro it will be easy to scale the business, allowing you to grow your business over time.

In summary, opening a business in the short-term rental industry can be highly profitable, flexible, and offer many opportunities to grow and diversify your income.
With RentalPro's help, you can get comprehensive support to better manage your business, whether you are starting from scratch or already have successfully established facilities.

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Become part of our successful collaborative network and learn how RentalPro can help you start or scale your short-stay rental business professionally and profitably.

With training, legal and tax support, marketing materials, and lead generation services, reaching your goals will be easier than ever.

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Why choose RentalPro

As a property manager, it is important to have access to tools and support to run your business professionally and profitably.

RentalPro offers all that and more, allowing you to benefit from professional training, legal and tax support, marketing materials, a commission-free OTA, and a collaborative network of successful property managers.

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